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Academia da Cachaça- Leblon
Rua Conde Bernadotte, 26
Phone. (21) 2529-2680 (21) 2239-1542

Academia da Cachaça - Barra
Condomínio Condado dos Cascais
Av. Armando Lombardi, 800 - Loja 65 L
Phone.: (21) 2492-1159 ( 21 ) 2493-7956

Rio de Janeiro - R.J. - Brasil




Foto Guto Costa
Academia da Cachaça likes to invent.

It invents drinks,
invents dishes...

Introduced caipirinhas of all kinds of fruits;
Created the Escondidinho, champion in sales since 1986;
Conceived the Torta Quente with cheese and guava;
Innovated by using yam instead of fried potatoes in the crispy appetizer;
Introduced the Prato do Sertão.

... it invents fashion and invents events

Foto Guto CostaFolia de Minas (1992) – Rio became the capital of the ‘Gerais’ with headquarters at Academia da Barra, which gathered the best of the gastronomy from Minas Gerais, its tales and stories.

Abre Alas (1994) – Guided by the bartender Deise Novakoski, the cachaça asked permission and showed that it can also be used in classic drinks, such as Maria Bonita, the academic version of Bloody Mary.

Vizinhança e Tradição (1997) – The meeting of the cachaça and the gastronomy of Vale do Paraíba.  It presented some culinary preciousness, where the ‘branquinha’ (cachaça) was the base for marinades.
Fauna Legal (2001) – Conceived for 35 Ministers of Environment from Brazil and the world, it combined dishes made with animals raised in captivity with cachaça, batidas and chorinho.

Com Gosto de Minas (2002) - Mônica Rangel, chef and owner of the restaurant Gosto com Gosto in Mauá, RJ, conquered the cariocas with her "Cozinha MineiraContemporânea” (contemporary cuisine from MinasGerais).

Cozinha de Tiradentes por Beth Beltrão (2005) - The best of the ‘mineira’ cuisine with the special seasoning of one of the prestigious chefs of the gastronomy of Minas Gerais. The homemade pork sausage and the ‘feijão tropeiro’ were some of the highlights of the event.