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Academia da Cachaça- Leblon
Rua Conde Bernadotte, 26
Phone. (21) 2529-2680 (21) 2239-1542

Academia da Cachaça - Barra
Condomínio Condado dos Cascais
Av. Armando Lombardi, 800 - Loja 65 L
Phone.: (21) 2492-1159 ( 21 ) 2493-7956

Rio de Janeiro - R.J. - Brasil





Academia da Cachaça tastes like Brazil. In everything. In its decoration with the green and yellow flag on the ceiling. In the subtle ingredients of each of its products. In its creativeness, searching in tradition the inspiration for new cocktails, appetizers, dishes and desserts.

At the bar, the cachaça creates, proposes, commands. Whether in the crystal glass in which arrives at the table, or in the making of drinks, tropical combination of flavor and color. Caipirinha Acadêmica is one of the most remarkable examples, where cachaça, citron and honey mingle becoming the most Brazilian of the cocktails. Brasil em Cubos is another highlight made from fruit flavored ice... and cachaça, of course, which mixes little by little with the flavor of the cubes bringing them to life.

At the kitchen, the jerked beef joins cowpeas in Arrumadinho; from the mix of cassava and cream cheese comes out Escondinho, the oldest creation of Academia da Cachaça. Kale is the final touch of Mineirinho, a kind of “risotto from Minas Gerais”, and the academic way of cooking holds the secrets of the essentially Brazilian Feijoada.

And there is more: you have batidas, capirinhas for all tastes and fruits, curd cheese, black beans soup, meat balls, roasted heart of palm... There are exclusive condiments and sauces, together with the carioca way of being and the Brazilian music in the air.

A glance over the menu is always a good idea! .